The Stoneburier

6 Actions – 1 Machine – 1 Pass

  • Cultivates to a depth of 200mm
  • Buries stones clods, grass and debris.
  • Creates a fine soil surface for accurate seed depth.
  • Levels and finishes the surface.
  • Seeds at exact rates.
  • Finishes by rolling firm.

The Stoneburier can be used in a wide range of situations:

  • Lifestyle block lawns
  • Sub-divisions
  • Parks and reserves
  • Golf courses
  • Sports fields
  • Air fields
  • Grazing paddocks ect

The Stoneburier seedbox is designed to handle all types of grass seed, from large Ryes to small Clovers and Brown Top.

Seeding at exact rates.

Our service includes spraying of the area to be cultivated, supplying seed, applying fertilizer, soil testing for PH levels and applying optimize lime if needed.